SURVIA s.r.o. is our complete precision argiculture solutions provider

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From drone to tractor solutions

Solutions that make your job easier.

1. Drones scan your field, plants and crops.

2. We analyze your data with your input & local knowledge create variable application maps of water, pesticides, herbicides or desiccant for each individual field.

3. We program your tractors and spray equipment for variable application of consumables exactly where they are needed.

Maximize your savings of water, pesticides, desiccants, etc.

Document your plant growth, adjust fertilizer application and predict your yield.

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Pesticide variable application map

  • Apply precisely how much pesticide is needed.
  • Apply exactly where pesticide is needed and don't spray where it is not needed.
  • Pocket the immediate savings from reducing your pesticide use.
  • Maximize your seasonal yield & profits from healthier crops.

Use the same variable application methodology to achieve savings in water for irrigation use and desiccant application before harvest.

Plan your harvest to maximize your savings and profits.

Agricultural drone with multi-spectral camera flying above crops

Map & balance your soil potential

  • Adjust your fertilizer application to match soil potential and plant stress distribution.
  • Balance your yield across all your fields by mapping field potential from drone data or satellite imagery.
  • Use variable application of fertilizer to reduce plant stress areas and achieve a balanced yield.

Regain your profits from better timing of your harvest in combination with a more balanced and fuller yield. 

MeteoHelix weather stations make weather monitoring simple so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Maintenance free measurement

MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro-weather stations excel in dirty environments due to their dirt rejecting vortex flow.

Significantly less affected by dirt and dust, it is the stable and reliable in-the-field weather station for farmers and agriculture.


  • rain
  • solar radiation
  • air temperature, humidity and pressure
  • frost and dew point
  • soil temperature
  • soil moisture
  • leaf wetness
  • wind
  • etc.

MeteoHelix is an affordable and future proof weather monitoring solution for farming, horticulture and viticulture featuring scalability and multiple versatile inputs for flexibility and future growth with your business.

Learn more about drones and micro-weather stations >

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Take your productivity to the next level.

Transform your knowledge of your fields & crops using technology.

Don't add to your workload, add to your profits.

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We help you get the maximum yield out of your farm fields and wine yards. Based in the heart of the central european agricultural reagion with its many micro-climates, we have the expertise and experience to make your farm business grow.

Precision agriculture is just a name. What is behind the name is what matters. Our work encompasses the use of meteorological parameters from:

  • Professional weather stations and micro-weather stations like the MeteoHelix IoT Pro.
  • Local and regional weather forecasts. (short and long term)
  • Point specific micro-weather forecasts to your micro-climate...not interpolated data. (Service is available in limited regions covered by our local meteorological personnel and partners.)
  • Vegetation maps from drone data
  • Soil condition and soil potential maps from drones and satellites
  • Local soil parameters such as soil moisture and soil temperature data and prediction during planting season


After all, you know your fields best. You and your agronomist's valuable advice and input during results interpretation is invaluable. Your years of experience are an irreplaceable part of getting the maximum yield from your fields, year after year


The simplest road toward higher yield follows: 

  1. Creating vegetation and soil potential maps via drone fly-overs once or twice a year, scheduled base on your and your field's needs. 
    Download more info here >
  2. Based on drone data, zones are mapped out for the variable application of irrigation, fertilizer, pesticides or desiccants.
  3. We provide variable application maps for direct upload into your equipment to reduce your workload.
  4. The result is that your vegetation and crops will receive the correct amount of consumables to even out plant growth with the final goal at the end of the growing season to maximize your field's crop production with an even yield.
  5. This optimization of yield and crop growth will significantly reduce your consumption of water and consumables by over to 20 % in many cases and lead to healthier plants and profit margins and less work load for your farm operation.


Data from micro-weather stations on your local fields are analyzed based on your plant's disease risk potential with the results of:

  • Calculation of disease risk index from a combination of meteorological parameters
  • Early warning of disease risk potential 
  • Early warning of ground frost potential

Micro-weather station data from your fields can be useful in a much more complex way as outlined below:

  • In certain regions we are able to provide micro-weather forecasts from local meteorological personnel that know your climate. (This service does not use interpolated data which can lead to large deviations from reality.)
  • Historical analysis of your weather and rain accumulation and trends during your growing season can be used to accurately predict this year's yield and crop production.
  • Drone flyover data combined with your knowledge and input can very accurately set plant growth stages for precise prediction of harvest time and application of irrigation, fertilizer and other consumables.
  • Precise planning of harvest on a field by field basis.

Accurate determination of fertilizer application and variable application map requires detailed data from the ground:

  • Soil sampling and analysis determines your soil variability and aids in interpretation of drone and satellite data.  
  • Soil samples are analyzed in a laboratory, a service which we also provide.