METARlogGSM auto-METAR generation system

EasyLogGSM 8 cleaned.jpg
EasyLogGSM 8 cleaned.jpg

METARlogGSM auto-METAR generation system


AUTO-METAR generating wireless GPRS/GSM meteorological data logger. Certified per ICAO Anex 3 guidleines. Field proven hardware, configurable with free EasyLog configuration software for simple & quick setup. Featuring analog, digital, serial and smart sensor inputs and ASCII & MODBUS outputs. 

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  • AUTO-METAR & SPECI sent directly to your server over GSM/GRPS
  • Real-time meteorological sensor data sent over RS-232 logger port to PC, PLC or SCADA systems
  • 8 analog inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 3 platinum PT100 Inputs + 1 reference
  • 8 max RS-485 or RS-232 sensors (MODBUS)
  • Serial-out for real-time data in multiple formats
  • USB service port for configuration and quick SD card data access

Included hardware

  • IP67 data logger enclosure with 6x cable gland ports