Seamless integration with EASYlogGSM


Plug-and-play setup is assured in combination with EasylogGSM wireless weather station data logger. RS-485 output assures industry compatibility and a robust interference resistant communication interface. 

Seamless integration with METARlogGSM

EasyLogGSM 8 cleaned.jpg

Heliports and small airports benefit from the accuracy, stability and compactness of MeteoPressure sensors. Seamless integration with our meteorological data loggers allows cost-effective solutions for AUTO-METAR generation per ICAO guidelines for small airports. 

WMO accuracy and long-term stability

High quality pressure data to WMO standards is not cheap, but it can be affordable. This robust metal cased professional meteorological atmospheric pressure sensor has robust features like a sintered metal filter to assure long-term measurement stability and reduce your maintenance.