MeteoPressure MSB181


Affordable WMO accuracy pressure sensor

Calibrated accuracy for your WMO compliant AWOS weather station and sensor systems. Robust metal body with a sintered metal filter protected pressure interface and digital RS-485 output with an SDI-12 communication protocol.

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MeteoTemp2018 temperature humidity pressure sensor.jpg

3-in-1 barometric pressure sensor probe

Simplify system complexity while optimizing cost. Weather resistant pressure sensor featuring WMO compliant temperature and humidity along with dew point and frost point output. This ultra-low power 800µA sensor features a true MODBUS RTU and ASCII (user selectable) interface in a compact, easy to handle body.

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MeteoPressure MSB181 Calibration Certificate_Page_3.jpg

Atmospheric pressure sensor calibration per ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Calibrations down to 600 hPa and up to 1100 hPa are available per request at customer specified temperature calibration points.

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