MeteoHelix and allMETEO weather map and portal listed on Sigfox Partner Network

MeteoHelix, the most accurate micro-weather station in the world has been listed on the Sigfox Partner network.

Sample devices are available for the RC1 frequency band region consisting of 99 countries including Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE. In August 2018 the RC2 frequency band version for 44 countries in the Americas including USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and much of Central and South America will be available. The release of RC3 for Japan and RC4 frequency band for 52 Asian and South American countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador versions are scheduled for September 2018. More details can be found on the Sigfox website at the following link.

MeteoHelix IoT Pro on the Sigfox partner network:

Evaluation and testing samples including distributor inquiries for the weather stations can be requested directly from BARANI DESIGN Technologies via their contact us page. 

MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather station now available on The Things Network

 MeteoHelix IoT Pro - LoRa during a sunset

MeteoHelix IoT Pro - LoRa during a sunset

Barani Design has been listed on The Things Network as a certified partner with its MeteoHelix IoT Pro industrial micro-weather station with LoRa wireless connectivity. Available at a price point of 499 eur, this weather station is an attractive proposition for intalling in areas requiring World Meteorological Organization (WMO) precision and data quality, yet with high risk of theft and vandalism. 

Barani Design has addressed the concerns of not only agricultural customers but also of meteorological organizations which require installation of professional weather stations in remote areas in every part of the world including Africa, South America, China, India and Russia where security of expensive professional hardware is of major concern. "At this price point, theft and vandalism of weather stations is no longer a concern for professional customers" from the words of Mr. Toth of Barani Design.

While previously, a wireless weather station of similar data quality was available for over 2000 eur, the MeteoHelix IoT Pro enables four times the data density at the same cost. This means that even with vandalism of 50% of the deployed MeteoHelix network, a Meteorological organization will still retain twice the amount of measurement points than was previously possible at the same price point and data quality.

Link to MeteoHelix on The Things Network:

The exiled weather man returns safe and sound from Bolivia

 Aguita Brava where Orban Zsombor measured a daily temperature difference of 30.6 °C or 55 °F

Aguita Brava where Orban Zsombor measured a daily temperature difference of 30.6 °C or 55 °F

Orban Zsombor returns back safe and sound despite a mishap due to gale force winds after exploring a caldera situated in Bolivia (near the border of Chile) to find the largest daily temperature amplitude in the world. 

The mountain named “Aguita Brava” is a location marked only on good topographical maps. The barren volcano is close to 5500 meters high with a crater of around 800 meters wide and 80 meters (260 ft) deep. The bottom of the caldera is situated at 5320 meters (17454 ft) above sea level. A perfect location for his research. GPS: -22.512, -67.796

The temperature inversion in the crater basin is so strong that on this day with still air and no clouds the air temperature rises from -35 degrees Celsius at ground level to -26.6 as measured in the MeteoShield Professional only 1.7 meters above ground.

The maximum temperature of the day was only +4 degrees Celsius but felt much warmer in the sun and thin air. The maximum daily fluctuation at this high altitude came to be a staggering 30.6 degrees Celsius (55.1 degrees Fahrenheit)

On the second day of measurements, gale force winds came in.... more details can be found on Orban's blog at the following link: