Can new technologies make urban weather stations accurate?

Urban weather station MeteoHelix IoT

While accurate meteorological measurement in an urban environment was until now practically impossible, a new technology promises change that. 

MeteoHelix is a new type of weather station based on a patented helical solar shield design which forms a continuous helix. The manufacturer, BARANI DESIGN Technologies, claims to have achieved the never before possible combination of unobstructed airflow to the internal sensors while simultaneously providing 360-degree protection from reflected light and radiating heat from nearby walls.

Independently verified, the helical shape delivers the most accurate air temperature measurement available without fan assisted airflow in a solar shield. In testing involving strong light reflections from the ground, it proved to be more accurate than many fan-aspirated radiation shields. 

MeteoHelix wins silver as part of SURVIA's Grand Prize winning precision agriculture solution at TECHAGRO 2018

Standing above the crowd in a field where evaluation of farm fields using drones has become standard practice fueled by the advancements in sensor and drone technology is not easy. One such company from Czechia has manged to do just that, by capturing the Grand Prize at one on the biggest agricultural technical exhibitions in Europe.

analysis of agricultural experiments with drone scanning technology.jpg

While many companies claim to provide real value, SURVIA s.r.o. seems to actually deliver.  Focused more on research and development than on plain profit, SURVIA has shown it can deliver the know-how necessary achieve real money saving results.

Proper evaluation of crop growth variations and disease risks is delivered through a sophisticated data analysis and qualified by local agronomist know-how, which is crucial to achieving real results. Each plot of land is different and has to be treated individually as not only soil compositions vary but also micro-climates. To quantify these differences, soil samples are analyzed and when possible weather variations are monitored by placing micro-weather stations as densely as possible.

Since quality meteorological data has always been costly to obtain and sensor life due to contamination in the dusty agricultural environment has never been satisfactory, SURVIA as chosen to partner with an innovative company from Slovakia and USA whose micro-weather station MeteoHelix and its helical radiation shield technology seems to be breaking this old prejudice.

BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o. known for its professional line of meteorological sensors has taken the leap to deliver a truly affordable professional micro weather station. With a price tag of under 500eur, the wireless MeteoHelix IoT Pro and its little brother the MeteoHelix IoT Home are seemingly in a class of their own in terms of measurement quality for money spent and have been awarded the silver prize at TECHAGRO 2018. They are allowing farmers to monitor weather over multiple fields affordably with minimal financial risk from weather station damage or theft.

For more information contact:

Survia s.r.o.
Habrová 1445,
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BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o.
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MeteoHelix at TECHAGRO 2018 as part of SURVIA's precision agriculture solution

MeteoHelix micro-weather station will be displayed as part of the SURVIA technological portfolio for precision agriculture featuring drone and field scanning technologies. "We are very pleased to partner with SURVIA s.r.o. and to offer our precision micro-climate measurement solution as part of their portfolio" noted Jan Barani, CTO of BARANI DESIGN Technologies. The patented helical design of the weather station solar shield enables this helical weather station to achieve professional quality measurement at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. 


While SURVIA's technological and service portfolio is extensive and ranges from Geodesy to 2D & 3D mapping to precision agriculture, the BARANI DESIGN MeteoHelix in the words of SURVIA CEO Viktor Setnicky is a big step forward in the availability of quality meteorological data. For a professional weather station, the "MeteoHelix is a big leap forward in affordability and will enable our customers to monitor each field's micro-climate with the precision never before possible". This level of meteorological detail in combination with satellite imagery and drone scanning technologies enables our partners' agronomists to minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizer, for a more natural, healthier and even crop yield. 

In viticulture, this type of meteorological precision is not only nice to have, it is a necessity. Climate change is a hard reality for wine growers. Not only can extreme weather damage grapes, the extreme fluctuations of temperature and humidity are causing unpredictable frost and more frequent infection risks, resulting in increased uses of chemical agents for plant disease and mold prevention. 

Helical radiation shield technology featured in Meteorological Technology World Expo Industry News

Helical radiation shield technology set to revolutionize air temperature measurement

The helical solar radiation shield, officially launched at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017 by BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o., a Slovakian manufacturer of meteorological sensors, achieves what had not been previously possible with multi-plate radiation shields.

March 2018 Meteorological Technology World Expo Industry News

Read the original news story here > 

MeteoHelix IoT micro-weather station preview at CONECO 2018 on April 11-14 in Bratislava

Based on the new helical technology developed by BARANI DESIGN, the all-in-one professional weather station MeteoHelix IoT Pro and home weather station MeteoHelix IoT Home will be previewed at the 39th CONECO fair and 28th RACIOENERGY fair and WATER exhibition to be held at the Incheba Expo in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 11-14.

This one-of-a-kind helical technology whose design is patented has been shown to improve air temperature measurement by 0.5°C to over 1°C in professional meteorological applications versus today's technologies. In comparison to today's home weather stations, the improvement is even larger.

This level of accuracy improvement in air temperature measurement when combined with today's advanced low power wireless sensor technologies enabled BARANI DESIGN Technologies to create the most accurate all-in-one micro-weather stations on the market. 

For more information, please contact BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o. via their website


Save time and money by installing your HVAC temperature sensor as close as possible

 hvac outdoor heat EXCHANGER  fan exhaust

hvac outdoor heat EXCHANGER  fan exhaust

HVAC system's capacity is a function of outdoor air temperatures (OAT). Some estimates suggest an HVAC system's total capacity decreases by as much as 3% for every 4°F (~2°C) increase in outdoor air temperature. With focus on HVAC efficiencies on the rise and ever increasing electricity costs, it is important to monitor outdoor air temperature precisely. 

In the past, accurate OAT measurement has been cost prohibitive, but one small manufacturer with roots in upstate New York has come to the rescue with a patented design of a helical solar radiation shield for air temperature and humidity sensors.

 Helical solar radiation shield for hvac outdoor air temperature (oat) sensors by barani design.

Helical solar radiation shield for hvac outdoor air temperature (oat) sensors by barani design.

A little-known company in the HVAC world, BARANI DESIGN Technologies, boasts years of experience in the meteorological sector. See "Helical radiation shield technology set to revolutionize air temperature measurement". Barani Design's experience in the aerospace industry nurtured at Rensellear Polytechnic Institute and Boeing, has led to many innovative designs. The helical radiation shield, while seemingly simple,  is proving to be the biggest innovation in air temperature measurement in decades.

The helical solar radiation shield achieves a combination of high accuracy and superb sensor protection unmatched in the market. It is able to measure air temperature accurately even in the proximity of sun-exposed exterior walls and other radiative heat sources which include HVAC rooftop systems. 

The device creates an internal vortex, which feeds fresh air to the OAT temperature sensor while providing 360° shielding from radiated heat and sun.   Improvements in accuracy can reach up to 8 °F on sunny days. Save time and money by installing your temperature sensor as close as possible, even if that means installing it on a sun-exposed wall. 

Please contact BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o. worldwide and or allMeteo in the USA & CANADA for distributor pricing and more information:

BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o.
Klincova 35
Bratislava, 82108 SLOVAKIA
TEL : +421 907 076 370

2011 Michael Ln.
Rotterdam, NY 12306, USA
TEL : +1 (619) 573-9463

Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. presents BARANI DESIGN sensor technologies at WIN EURASIA 2018


WIN EURASIA Metalworking and WIN EURASIA Automation merged in 2018 to create one of the biggest trade shows for automation industry in Istanbul. BARANI DESIGN sensor technologies were proudly represented by Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti

Teaming up with Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. creates strong benefit for both companies as it opens up the door to the near east for BARANI DESIGN and fills a niche market in the meteorological sensor portfolio for Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. 

Innovative technologies like the helical MeteoShield Professional are now able to benefit Turkish and near east environmental projects, PV solar power plants and industrial environmental monitoring. The quality and affordability of sensors like the MeteoWind 2 wind sensor offer a very good value for the energy industry and intrinsically safe industrial applications.

Please contact Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. corporate office for local pricing and more information:

Tesla Ölçü Kontrol Sistemleri ve Çevre Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti.
Atasehir - Istanbul - Türkiye

METEOMET set to reduce uncertainty from global warming measurement


An international scientific project called METEOMET is focused on improving measurement methods of our environment. In the field of meteorology, its goal is to standardize measurement methods worldwide so as to improve measurement consistency, accuracy, precision for improved meteorological data quality. With global warming on our doorstep, only a unified approach to the measurement of parameters like air temperature can lead to consistent conclusions on its worldwide effects.

BARANI DESIGN is proud to be able to participate in the project by supplying sensors for research purposes. Solar radiation shields, temperature sensors and wind sensors were supplied to support this important research. One of METEOMET's studies involved evaluating the effects of reflected solar radiation (albedo) on air temperature measurement in winter conditions on snow covered fields. The effect of this albedo was quantified and methodology for quantifying its effects on sensor systems will be proposed. Two sets of sensors were used to quantify solar heating due to reflected sun light at the foot of the Italian Alps.  One set was mounted above a snow covered field and snow under the other sensor set was removed to expose grass and ground which limit the amount of reflected solar radiation. Data from the sensor sets was compared and analyzed. Results will be published in the upcoming months. 

For more information, visit to METEOMET web site.



BARANI DESIGN Technologies sensors at ELECRAMA 2018 EXPO

M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. of Kolkata, India, presented the latest meteorological sensor innovations from BARANI DESIGN at this years ELECRAMA 2018 EXPO. M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an official distributor of innovative technologies like the helical solar radiation shield which offers an unprecedented combination of accuracy and sensor protection for air temperature measurement. These advantages are especially relevant for PV solar power weather monitoring systems (WMS) where small temperature fluctuations cause significant changes in power output and error from air temperature measurement can cause financial losses in the highly volatile energy markets. Higher accuracy and preciseness of meteorological data leads to more accurate forecasting of electricity production, thus preventing brown-outs and other unwanted situations. It also permits better scheduling of PV plant maintenance to minimize downtime and help maintain electrical grid stability.

Other technologies presented include the ultra-low power digital RS-485 MeteoTemp sensor for air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement which in combination with the helical MeteoShield Professional has been shown to produce the lowest air temperature uncertainties in environments with strong sunlight and heated ground as found in many arid climates which are ideal for PV solar power production.

Alongside the MeteoShield and MeteoTemp, other notable sensors presented are the superbly accurate 1st Class wind sensor MeteoWind 2 which meets strict MEASNET accuracy requirements and the MeteoRain SEB200 low maintenance rain gauge.

Heart of a WMS system from BARANI DESIGN is the EasyLogGSM meteorological data logger with a SCADA MODBUS interface and plug and play operation with BARANI DESIGN sensors.

Please contact M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. corporate office for local pricing and more information:

M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
 31/1, Ahiripukur Road, Kolkata 700019, West Bengal, India
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