will be the new location for BARANI DESIGN Technologies weather cloud platform

  • Your one-stop data cloud and backup solution

  • Manage all your BARANI DESIGN sensors in one place including EasyLogGSM, ezMETAR and MeteoHelix IoT weather stations.

  • Display live data from your weather station and sensor network

  • Forward your weather station data to the service of your choice including Weather Underground and more

  • Export data to Excel, Text file, CSV, JSON or other software

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MODBUS software that is simple to use with a flexibile user interface.

Easy MODBUS Viewer

Quick and simple MODBUS software for interfacing with your MODBUS sensors and industrial hardware.

It allows you to:

  • easily configure your Modbus sensors

  • read sensor data

  • read & enter calibration data for sensor traceability

  • diagnose sensor communication


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