Weather proof platinum temperature sensor for solar panels.

Precision platinum RTD thermometer for area temperature measurement. Designed for flat mounting on photovoltaic solar panels to precisely monitor solar panel temperature. High-quality platinum element maintains high levels of accuracy and long term stability in all weather conditions.

Simple and rugged design has proved itself in many solar power plant applications.  Sensing element is encased in a robust heat conductive resin inside a thermally conductive aluminum profile for easy mounting.

  • High-quality platinum element for long-term stability and accuracy.

  • Flat mounting with a weatherable adhesive surface for easy installation.

  • Exceeds ISO & WMO accuracy and long-term stability requirements

  • IP68 weatherproof and waterproof housing for use in air, water and any general non-corrosive fluids or liquids

Flat PT100 sensor for Photovoltaic solar panel mounting.

PT100 rtd accuracy classes plot.jpg
PT100 RTD temperature sensor accuracy comparison of Class A, Class B, 1/3 DIN and 1/10 DIN sensors
Temperature accuracy ±°C for a PT100 sensor with Ω Alpha = 0.003850 per DIN-43760, DIN-IEC-751, DIN-EN-60751
1/10 DIN (Band 5) PT1001/3 DIN (Band 3) PT100Grade A PT100Grade B PT100
-60 °C0.07 °C0.11 °C0.27 °C0.60 °C
-50 °C0.06 °C0.10 °C0.25 °C0.55 °C
-40 °C0.06 °C0.10 °C0.23 °C0.50 °C
-30 °C0.05 °C0.09 °C0.21 °C0.45 °C
-20 °C0.04 °C0.09 °C0.19 °C0.40 °C
-10 °C0.03 °C0.08 °C0.17 °C0.37 °C
0 °C0.03 °C0.08 °C0.15 °C0.30 °C
10 °C0.04 °C0.09 °C0.17 °C0.35 °C
20 °C0.04 °C0.10 °C0.19 °C0.40 °C
30 °C0.05 °C0.11 °C0.21 °C0.45 °C
40 °C0.06 °C0.12 °C0.23 °C0.50 °C
50 °C0.07 °C0.13 °C0.25 °C0.55 °C
60 °C0.08 °C0.14 °C0.27 °C0.60 °C
70 °C0.09 °C0.16 °C0.29 °C0.65 °C
80 °C0.10 °C0.17 °C0.31 °C0.70 °C