ezMETAR, the affordable certified

Auto-METAR is generated based on connected sensors.

Basic METAR & SPECI report can be generated with just 5 weather station parameters (sensors) and expanded as your operation grows.

Sensors and METAR generating meteorological datalogger certified without restrictions.

Certified per ICAO ANNEX 3 and WMO No. 49 Volume II.


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ezMETAR is future proof and scalable solution for every small airport.

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Certified sensors for civil aviation

Sensors & data logger are certified without restrictions per ICAO ANNEX 3 guidelines. 

Sensors offer accuracy levels well in excess of ICAO requirements, thus allowing extended service intervals.


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Increase your weather monitoring system up-time with PowerProtect.

PowerProtect weather station lightning protection BARANI-DESIGN

Lightning protection with electrical fault isolation

PowerProtect protects your sensors, data logger and critical weather station components from:

  • electrical faults
  • lightning damage
  • animal damage

Achieve high levels of reliability and weather station up-time. 


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  • Affordable certified sensors for civil aviation use
  • Perfect for small airport and heliport operations
  • Wireless solution to minimize building permits
  • Real-time Auto-METAR and SPECI report generation
  • Certified without restrictions per ICAO guidelines