Example of METAR report message

METAR LZJS 071600Z AUTO CALM //// //// 25/09 Q0977=
METAR LZJS 121140Z AUTO VRB05KT //// //// 06/04 Q0965=
METAR LZJS 121220Z AUTO 22007KT 160V290 //// //// 06/03 Q0964=
AUTO-METAR is a message generated every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour. 

Example of SPECI report message

SPECI LZJS 080925Z AUTO 22012G24KT 160V290 //// //// 07/03 Q0975=
SPECI LZJS 081039Z AUTO 22015G34KT 150V280 //// //// 08/04 Q0975=
SPECI report is only generated when there is a significant change or deterioration in weather conditions, and is generated when necessary, in real-time and without delay in between METAR messages.

METAR & SPECI message additional info

  • METAR & SPECI report detailed format is derived from available sensors. //// are used where sensor data is unavailable.
  • SPECI is an aviation special weather report issued when there is a significant deterioration or improvement in airport weather conditions such as significant changes of surface winds, visibility, cloud base height and occurrence of severe weather.


  • Send wireless METAR & SPECI directly to your server or server of your choice over GSM/GRPS 
  • Send data to the IP address and Port of your server


The RS-232 logger interface port for computers, PLC or SCADA systems provides real-time meteorological sensor data.  Connect to your existing infrastructure or METAR report generation system. Real-time data is available in the following formats:

Serial ASCII data output

Date Time Data1 Data2 Data3… CRLF
Example: (space delimited format)
07.06.2017 04:43:00 3.117 13.839 99.043 -61.000
07.06.2017 04:44:00 3.214 13.910 99.093 -60.000
07.06.2017 04:45:00 3.201 13.880 99.193 -61.000

If required, CSV data format can be set.
Example: (comma delimited format)

MODBUS RTU data output

  • Data format: IEEE754 32 bit float numbers (standard). Each number is a float number (4 Bytes and made of two Modbus registers, Hi & Lo)
  • Response: The last measured value from OUT1…OUT32.
  • Read input registers uses 0x04 query. The number of read out registers has to be even. Logger RS-485 address range is from 00…99.
OUT1 MSW 100 0x64
101 0x65
OUT2 MSW 102 0x66
103 0x67
OUT3 MSW 104 0x68
105 0x69
OUT32 MSW 162 0xA2
163 0xA3


EasyLog software does professional data logging setup and configuration the easy way

Request a free demo and see for your self how easy data logging with EasyLog software compatible data loggers can be. EasyLog is compatible with the following data logger hardware:

  • EasyLogGSM (8x analog, 4x digital, 3x PT100, 8x serial, 2x serial PLC/SCADA ports, 1x USB port, SD memory card)
  • METARlogGSM (8x analog, 4x digital, 3x PT100, 8x RS485/232 serial sensors, 1x serial PLC/SCADA ports, 1x USB port, SD memory card)
  • ProLogGSM (20x analog, 8x digital, 10x PT100, 8x RS485/232 serial sensors, 1x serial PLC/SCADA ports, 1x USB port, SD memory card)


8x analog & 4x digital sensor inputs

  • Single ended inputs with transient-voltage-protection. 0...2.5V with max input voltage 6.5V.
  • Differential inputs with low-pass filter. Range ±2.5V with max input voltage 3V.
  • Digital inputs with transient-voltage-protection. Max input voltage 13V. Frequency range up to 3kHz.

Serial sensor port

  • RS485 and RS232 serial ports are protected with transient-voltage-protection.

Serial output port

  • RS485 and RS232 serial ports are protected with transient-voltage-protection.

4x power input options

  • 12V power-in input has reverse polarity protection. Voltage range 7 to13V.
  • 12V Battery connection with high-efficiency battery charger is protected by a 750mA PPTC resettable fuse/switch to guard against immediate battery discharge from short circuits.
  • Ultra-low power-in from 4 to 20V has reverse polarity protection and transient-voltage-protection. For portable in-the-field logger use.
  • 12V Solar system power-in with very wide input voltage of 0...22V to prevent over-voltage damage.

Power output for sensors

  • Protected by a 200mA max current PPTC resettable fuse/switch against discharge from short circuits.
  • Configurable sensor power-out to enable selectively switching on & off sensors to reduce weather station power consumption.

USB port

  • USB service port for quick SD card data access.
  • Also used to servicing and logger configuration.

RT operating system

  • Real-time operating system features watchdog timers to monitor all operations and protect against logger lockup.
  • Automatic wireless modem reconnect with smart delay to prevent unnecessary battery drain.  

Learn more about PowerProtect and PowerProtect Ultimate


  • METARlogGSM generates AUTO-METAR reports and SPECI reports in real-time per ICAO guidelines.
  • Completeness of the METAR and SPECI message reports depends only on the sensors of your choice. 
  • As you grow your airport and heliport operations, additional sensors can be added at any time to include cloud ceiling and other important information.  
  • A METARlogGSM based airport weather monitoring system can be expanded to meet all IFR airport guidelines.
  • Connectivity to existing airport systems, whether PLC, SCADA, PC or other data systems is assured by the availability of the following data output types through the serial output port:
    • Real-time ASCII data (comma delimited or space delimited data in ASCII text file format)
    • Real-time MODBUS RTU data with up to 32 real-time data types. (request/response per Modbus standard) 


Reliability based on proven hardware. Affordability from the use of new sensor technologies. Future-proof from flexible variety of inputs and easy configuration software.

Based on proven technology

  • Proven hardware & software - proven in over 10 years of field use in meteorological and hydrological applications.
  • Reliable low-power hardware - micro-power sleep and only 7 mA when awake and measuring.
  • Simple to configure and setup - EasyLog software makes configuring simple and time-efficient.

Variety of sensor input ports

  • 8 analog inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 3 platinum PT100 Inputs + 1 reference
  • 8 max RS-485 or RS-232 sensors (MODBUS)
  • Serial-out for real-time data in multiple formats
  • USB service port for configuration and quick SD card data access

Real-time data output

  • Serial RS-232 port with real-time ASCII data in two formats and MODBUS RTU

Technical features

  • Separate RS-232 computer interface for easy setup
  • Universal SD card data storage (FAT32)
  • Daily automatic time synchronization with temperature compensated clock and backup battery
  • Power consumption between measurements in sleep mode is 40μA max
  • Power when actively measuring 7mA (typical)

METARLogGSM data logger is features the same proven hardware configuration of EASYlogGSM based on an ultra-low power microcontroller combined with high precision analog-digital converters and real time multitasking operating system.