Helical vortex keeps sensors clean

Just like in the eye of a tornado, the centrally mounted sensor remains clean. Internal vortex of the helix forces heavier than air particles like dirt, sand, snow and water naturally away from the sensor.

Vortex flow creates high accuracy by moving air

Looking through the side of the helix, one quickly realizes why air organizes into a spiral vortex. Vortex flow promotes fresh air movement to the sensor for superior accuracy in air temperature and humidity measurement.

Helix traps dirt on the shield, not on the sensor

Keeping your sensors clean and hidden from the sun is the job of a radiation shield. Superior water shedding and not being attractive to insects and spiders due to its ever slopping surfaces is a great feature only the helical shield has.



Cleaner sensors in agriculture

Agro MeteoShield MeteoTemp IMG_0971.jpg

Less trips to the field. Reduce your maintenance because sensors stay cleaner, improving long-term measurement stability, accuracy and reliability so you can rely and trust your data. 

Keep your sensors running longer in Agriculture. By rejecting dirt to the outside of the internal spiral flow, your sensors stay cleaner longer.

By protecting them from the sun and heat from the ground, your sensors are more accurate.

Grow of business with quality data.

Temperature stability in the sun for solar power

Benefits for SOLAR POWER.

Accurately verify temperature dependency of your PV panels. Collect reliable and accurate temperature data unaffected by sun reflection, heat radiating from your PV panels, the ground and nearby building walls. Rely on good data to optimize your PV power output.

Optimize your output based on reliable data.

Removes influences of city walls on temperature


Not affected by radiating heat from city walls, pavement, and sun reflections, real-air-temperature measurements are a reality with the MeteoShield. Urban climate research with WMO accuracy in a dense urban environment is now possible.

Learn to trust your data.

Cleaner sensors equal accurate road data


Cleaner longer lasting sensors. Let the shield catch the dirt, dust, sand, winter snow and salt spray, not your sensors. Reduce your weather station maintenance, increase your sensor life and measurement accuracy. Reliably measure or calculate dew & frost point.

Reduce risk of temperature related accidents.

Protect sensors from icing & sun albedo in the snow


Reliably eliminate albedo temperature error over snow pack and glaciers on sunny days. Protect your sensors from driving snow, freezing rain and achieve fast sensor response after rain. These are trademarks of the MeteoShield. 

Stabilize your measurements over snow. 



Helical shield excels in dirty road conditions


In road and highway weather station applications, MeteoShield protected sensors more effectively than multi-plate and fan-aspirated shields, leading to more accurate temperature measurement. 
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Whether dirty or black from paint, it is accurate

Black Radiation shield-MeteoShield.JPG

Summer testing has shown that even black paint has little effect. Air temperature measurement inside the helical MeteoShield Professional is stable and accurate even when painted black. 
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360° protection from the sun & snow reflections


In a winter sensor comparison by an independent organization METEOMET, MeteoShield Professional outperformed all passive radiation shields and even most of its  fan-ventilated counterparts. 
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Proof of spiral vortex flow


PROOF: Looking at the inner black louvers of Meteoshield Professional (left image), one sees ice accumulation on the right side where the airflow is restricted. On the left side the air flows freely, so the surfaces are clean. This difference in flow causes a spiral vortex to form and protects the inner sensor from ice or dirt accumulation.


Keeps your sensors clean & protected


EVIDENCE: Evidence of this effect (right image) can be seen from a winter road weather station study where a classical multi-plate solar shield inner sensor was much more dirty than a sensor from inside the helical MeteoShield Professional in comparable conditions.



Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium. Intercomparison of Shelters in the RMI AWS Network

Independent comparison by the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium.

  • “Despite the fact that the Barani shelters are not artificially ventilated, their performance is better than our artificially ventilated compact shelter.”

  • “The mean overheating is as low as 0.2°C for medium global solar radiation and low wind speed (< 1 m/s). ...the overheating is lower for higher global solar radiation.”

  • “The Barani shelters have shown excellent results with very limited heating under strong radiation. ”


Maximum temperature at low wind speeds of weather station radiation shields from an independent study by microstep mis.

Proven by comparison in independent testing to be superior

  • Best accuracy than any naturally aspirated shield in all conditions

  • Significantly more accurate than naturally ventilated Stevenson screen shelters

  • Fasteest recovery to accuracy after rain (minimizes error due to evaporation cooling) even compared to many fan-aspirated shields

  • More accurate than fan-aspirated shields in snow and near heat radiating objects like pavement, walls or sand and dark soil



Universal mount pipe/pole mount

White powder coated 2.5 mm stainless steel for for all-weather robustness.

Illustrations show different mounting options using u-bolts, screws or Bandimex stainless steel band mounting system. Customization available for orders of 20+ radiation shields.

Compact top-mount

for hanging applications such as in agriculture and green houses.

  • Stainless steel frame with hydrophobic and UV stable plastic double-louvers molded from dual-color plastic for durability and environmental toughness.

  • Double-helix & double-louver design for superb rejection of external influence on air temperature creates a strong dirt rejecting vortex.

  • Universal sensor clamp fits up to 20mm diameter sensors. (Larger sensor clamps are available upon request.)

  • Customizable height to fit sensors of any height upon customer request.



Helical design is truly maintenance free as shown in testing

  • Based on real world testing in road-side installations, soiling and dirt buildup on the helical MeteoShield do not have an affect on measurement accuracy.

  • MeteoShield also reduces maintenance of your temperature & humidity sensor probes.

Cleaning instructions

  • Even though dirt buildup will provide no measurable reduction in temperature accuracy, dirt, dust or sand accumulation on the plates and bracket can be cleaned with soap and water.

  • Do not use solvents.


MeteoShield features a clean flowing design reminiscent of swirling flows and sea shells as found in nature. The unique continuous 27 piece double-helix spiral design is one-of-a-kind in the marketplace and serves a well deserved purpose in achieving superior measurement properties and unsurpassed sensor protection.

When looking through the side of the double-helix, one notices the freedom with which air can flow through its left side while the right side remains restricted, causing free moving air to organize into spiral flow around the centrally mounted sensor, which at the same time remains protected and out of sight. 

Opposing goals of free airflow to the internal sensor and sensor protection from the sun, reflected radiation, rain, dirt and snow were realized in this spiral design which were not possible with traditional multi-plate and fan-ventilated shield designs.

Relationship between the outer and inner helix forms is inspired by the design of high-lift devices on wings and optimized using CFD, thus enabling vortex formation even in practically windless conditions.

- Jan Barani, CTO