Mount anywhere accuracy
Measurements made easy

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Professional quality measurements made affordable. Obtain quality air temperature and humidity even on windless summer days or sunny winter days with sun reflections galore. The latest helical technology for your home weather station. Increase sensor life, have cleaner sensors and obtain stable long-term data. Be proud of your data, we are.

How the helix protects your sensors & data

Helical design of MeteoShield Standard and MeteoShield Professional traps dirt, snow and ice on the shield and not on the sensor. This makes it very effective in hostile environments where water spray, snow, ice, dust storms or sand storms damage sensitive temperature and humidity sensor equipment.

Affordable farming with precision measurement

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Get started in precision agriculture affordably.  MeteoShield Standard has the same great sensor protection from rain, dirt snow and reflected radiation as MeteoShield Professional. It offers affordable precision to get you started in Precision Agriculture. Grow your farming business with reliable data affordably.

How the vortex flow rejects dirt & spray

Master your urban climate measurements


Home weather stations have never been so accurate and reliable. Helical design offers an unbeatable combination of sensor protection and cleanliness. Master your outdoor climate measurements.

Temperature accuracy for high-efficiency HVAC systems


No other solar shield for temperature sensors has proven more reliable for all-weather temperature accuracy. Unaffected by nearby walls, structures or pavement, your temperature will remain accurate. Now you can mount your temperature sensors anywhere.



Designed for uncompromising measurement accuracy and sensor protection from rain, snow, dirt & sand

Ultimate precision

  • Double louver design eliminates heat transfer
  • UV & impact resistant Titanium white outside
  • Light & IR absorbent inner louvers from carbon black material. (not painted)
  • Hydrophobic plastic
  • Maintenance free; not affected by soiling and dirt
  • No flat surfaces = spider web free on the inside
  • Standard height contains 9 levels
  • Height can be customized for your sensor


  • Professional weather station: WMS, AWS & AWOS
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Meteorological applications
  • Snow guns
  • Road weather stations
  • Ships & coastal weather stations
  • Buoys


Optimized for applications where maximum sensor protection is required for cost-conscientious customers

Superb accuracy and protection

  • Slotted louver design reduces heat transfer
  • Large inner volume (Diam: 65mm, Height: 150mm)
  • UV & impact resistant Titanium white outside
  • Light & IR absorbent black paint on protected inner face of louvers
  • Hydrophobic plastic
  • MeteoShield does not like bugs and bugs don't like it either
  • Standard height contains 8 levels
  • Height can be customized for volume orders


  • Weather stations
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Building management systems
  • Smart cities
  • Agriculture
  • Home weather stations
  • Ships & coastal weather stations
  • Buoys



Universal wall & pipe mount

White powder coated 2.5 mm stainless steel mount for for strength in all-weather


Hanging top mount

Compact top-mount for hanging in applications such as in farming and green houses.




Looking at the inner black louvers OF  METEOSHIELD PROFESSIONAL , one sees ice accumulation on the right side where the airflow is restricted. On the left side the air flows freely so the surfaces are clean. This difference causes spiral vortex flow to form and this SPINNING flow protects the inner sensor from ice accumulation.
MeteoShield sensor dirtiness comparison.jpg

PROOF: Looking at the inner black louvers of Meteoshield Professional (left image), one sees ice accumulation on the right side where the airflow is restricted. On the left side the air flows freely, so the surfaces are clean. This difference in flow causes a spiral vortex to form and protects the inner sensor from ice or dirt accumulation.

EVIDENCE: Evidence of this effect (right image) can be seen from a winter road weather station study where a classical multi-plate solar shield inner sensor was much more dirty than a sensor from inside the helical MeteoShield Professional in comparable conditions.



The patented helical design surpasses performance of even double-louvered multi-plate radiation shields. 

Benefits in harsh environments

  • Maintenance free - effects of heavy soiling were tested to have no impact on accuracy.
  • Sensor protection - vortex flow rejects dust & dirt particles to the outside & away from your sensor.
  • Extends life of sensors - especially sensitive humidity sensors by keeping them clean.

Unparalleled accuracy

  • Temperature accuracy - reduces self-heating from bright sunlight better than many fan-ventilated shields.
  • Temperature stability - high ventilation of the helical design and dirt rejecting vortex flow keep sensors clean and measurements free from effects of long term dirt buildup and soiling.  

Special features

  • Helix design creates strong ventilation in the form of a vortex at very low wind speeds to measure true air temperature not affected by sun and rain and the elements.
  • Helical vortex flow has a special property of rejecting dirt, which is not trapped by the louvers to the outside of the vortex flow.
  • Universal temperature sensor clamp fits.
  • Ever sloping helix offers no flat surfaces, so rain and bugs fall right off.

MeteoShield Standard offers superb protection to a temperature sensor due to its continuous shape, resulting in a combination of protection and accuracy that surpasses all multi-plate solar radiation shields for weather stations and temperature sensors. Snowy, dusty, dirty and sandy terrain including coastal and buoy applications are where the helical shields performance exceeds even many fan-aspirated radiation shields. Protection from driving dirt, sand, rain, snow and ice is ensured by the internal spiral airflow which drives heavier than air particles away from the centrally mounted sensor.  Insect intrusion & spiderwebs are minimized due to the ever sloping helix which also promotes water shedding during and after rain.