MeteoHelix IoT micro-weather station preview at CONECO 2018 on April 11-14 in Bratislava

Based on the new helical technology developed by BARANI DESIGN, the all-in-one professional weather station MeteoHelix IoT Pro and home weather station MeteoHelix IoT Home will be previewed at the 39th CONECO fair and 28th RACIOENERGY fair and WATER exhibition to be held at the Incheba Expo in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 11-14.

This one-of-a-kind helical technology whose design is patented has been shown to improve air temperature measurement by 0.5°C to over 1°C in professional meteorological applications versus today's technologies. In comparison to today's home weather stations, the improvement is even larger.

This level of accuracy improvement in air temperature measurement when combined with today's advanced low power wireless sensor technologies enabled BARANI DESIGN Technologies to create the most accurate all-in-one micro-weather stations on the market. 

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