MeteoShield Pro to be produced in Europe using advanced manufacturing technologies

MeteoShield Professional - a solar radiation shield for weather station sensors

MeteoShield Professional - a solar radiation shield for weather station sensors

The most advanced solar radiation shield for weather stations, the MeteoShield Pro, will now be produced in Europe and USA. Its manufacturing will take advantage of the latest 2K molding technologies and material science.

New production of the updated MeteoShield Professional will start in June 2019. It is not yet clear whether the new version will maintain the MeteoShield Professional name or whether it will be marketed differently at its launch at the World Meteorological Exhibition in Geneva this year. What is clear, is that it will be available in multiple versions for various military and marine applications and will continue to be the base for the MeteoHelix micro weather stations.

The current tooling has reached the end of its useful life and new manufacturing technologies in combination with new materials will enable us to not only preserve the WMO measurement qualities but to even improve on them. Over the past 3 years, multiple independent research studies by world-wide research organizations shared their data and results with us to enable us to tweak the helical MeteoShield shape and material properties for improved robustness, and measurement properties all-around.


To thank world-wide environmental researchers for their efforts in the fight against global warming, BARANI DESIGN Technologies is planning to donate 100 MeteoShield Pro to interested research organizations at the World Meteorological Exhibition on June 5, 6, 7 which will be held in Hall 4 of Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland. Interested parties should contact BARANI DESIGN directly to secure their part of this sensor donation package.

MeteoShield Pro can be found in use on all continents including Antarctica. It is used in a wide range of applications including:

  • Airport weather stations,

  • MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro weather stations

  • AWOS professional weather stations

  • Meteorological weather observation systems

  • Solar power plant Weather Monitoring Systems (WMS) (Photovoltaic PV)

  • HVAC

  • Oceanography

  • and more…

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