Sigfox IP65 micro-Gateway with MeteoHelix IoT Pro solution for professional meteorological and agricultural applications

New product spotlight at the Meteo Expo 2019 in Gevena Switzerland

Sigfox Micro installation at a remote cattle ranch for cattle tracking and MeteoHelix weather station data. (Photo by Andrej DobÁk of SIMPLECELL NETWORKS SLOVAKIA, A.S..)

BARANI DESIGN Technologies in cooperation with HELIOT SA, the Sigfox wireless network operator in Switzerland and Austria will showcase a professional meteorological wireless solution designed for areas with limited or non-existent GSM/LTE coverage. This low-bandwidth wireless meteorological system requires very low data rates as typical of mountainous regions and rural or outback locations. These remote locations where meteorological data are scarce are also critical for accurate weather prediction for nearby population centers and are currently only serviced by costly satellite data. Thanks to Sigfox and HELIOT SA, remote wireless coverage for meteorological data will now be available for a few hundred dollars wherever GSM/LTE or Wifi is not available.

Outdoor wireless Sigfox IoT gateway with 10+ km wireless range:

MeteoHelix Sigfox weather station in the outback hills.

MeteoHelix Sigfox weather station in the outback hills.

WMO conforming IoT micro-weather station:

For more information, please contact HELIOT SA or BARANI DESIGN Technologies.