MeteoHelix micro-weather stations for airstrips

BARANI DESIGN Technologies will be showcasing a new line of MeteoHelix WMO compliant wireless micro-weather stations to complement its ezMETAR solution at the Farnborough Airshow 2018 in hall 3 booth 3418. Based on patented helical solar radiation shield technology which combines the reliability of naturally ventilated shields with the accuracy of fan-aspirated shields. This wireless solution is set to be priced below 500 Eur, making it the most economical WMO compliant wireless weather station on the market for use on even the most cost conscientious airports.

The most distinguishing feature of the MeteoHelix line of micro-weather stations is their outer helical design which enables them to achieve WMO compliant air temperature accuracy in all-weather and all climates. While visually unique, the helix is purely functional and complemented by a second black internal helix to complete the double helix structure which blocks contaminants from 360° and fouling of the internal sensors to maintain long-term measurement accuracy and stability.

Wireless and designed to last 6-8 months without sun, these ultra-low power micro-weather stations add 20 days of sunless operation for every day of sunshine and measure air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar irradiation (allows cloudiness assessment) and even rain. 

Add weather data to your aerodrome or heliport website, by simply embedding one of the available widgets. Data access and weather station management is assured by the weather portal which features a simple user interface with live data and most importantly data export to popular analytical software and an API for easy real-time data transfer into your existing infrastructure. 

MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather station at an airstrip

MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather station at an airstrip