MeteoHelix weather station watching over the international Pohoda music festival

The Pohoda music festival weather will not only be monitored by the SHMU but also by the ultra-precise MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather station connected to the international Sigfox wireless network operated by SimpleCell Slovakia. Being the only micro-weather station capable of providing accurate meteorological data in all climates and weather conditions, the MeteoHelix and its about to be released MeteoWind Compact IoT are perfectly suited for monitoring crowded and vandalism-prone places such as music festivals and inner cities.

With heat indexes climbing every year, it is important for music festival officials to have accurate data on air temperature and humidity and also on the intensity of solar irradiation to prevent heat strokes and other heat-induced emergencies.

For detailed weather information including weather forecast for the next 24 hrs at the Pohoda music festival, please see the following link: