Can one wind sensor replace 41 different wind sensors? Let’s take a look how.

Heated anemometer MeteoWind® 2 in extreme winter icing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one combined wind speed and wind direction sensor could replace 41 different wind sensors?

  • MeteoWind Compact shares the proven robust cup design of its big brother MeteoWind 2, thereby simplifying field service.

  • The patented elliptic anemometer cup design ensures MEASNET accuracy and precision (Sample MEASNET calibration report) and enables MeteoWind® anemometers to excel in wind resource assessment.

  • All weather data reliability is ensured by superb winter snow shedding and a heated version of each MeteoWind anemometer is also available.

  • Additionally, MeteoWind sensors offer greater accuracy than required by the WMO and NWS, thereby making them maintenance free for many years in meteorological installations.

The choice can be between BARANI DESIGN Technologies MeteoWind® and 41 of the following anemometers and wind direction vanes from LAMBRECHT meteo:

  1. u[sonic] · Ultrasonic wind sensor

  2. u[sonic] Modbus · Ultrasonic wind sensor

  3. u[sonic]WS6 · Weather sensor

  4. u[sonic]WS7 · Weather sensor

  5. EOLOS-IND · Static weather sensor

  6. EOLOS MET TH · Static wind sensor

  7. EOLOS-Modbus · Static weather sensor

  8. EOLOS-NAV2 · Static weather sensor

  9. PREOS · Static wind sensor

  10. com[b] · Static wind sensor

  11. com[b] Modbus · Static wind sensor

  12. PRO-WEA · Wind direction sensor

  13. PRO-WEA · Wind speed sensor

  14. PRO-WEA RF · Wind direction sensor

  15. PRO-WEA RF · Wind speed sensor that is ultra robust and storm proof

  16. PRO-NAV · Wind direction sensor for open sea and storm resistant

  17. PRO-NAV · Wind speed sensor for open sea and storm resistant

  18. PRO-Modbus · Wind direction sensor

  19. PRO-Modbus · Wind speed sensors

  20. INDUSTRY · Wind direction sensor

  21. INDUSTRY · Wind speed sensor

  22. INDUSTRY Modbus · Wind direction sensor that is very economical

  23. INDUSTRY Modbus · Wind speed sensor that is very economical

  24. EFFICIENT Modbus · Wind speed sensor

  25. EFFICIENT Modbus · Wind direction sensor

  26. PROFESSIONAL-IX 3.0 · Wind direction sensor for safe operation in ice and snow

  27. PROFESSIONAL-IX 3.0 · Wind speed sensor for safe operation in ice and snow

  28. PROFESSIONAL · Wind direction sensor

  29. PROFESSIONAL · Wind speed sensor

  30. ORA · Wind direction sensor

  31. ORA · Wind speed sensor

  32. BASIC · Wind direction sensor

  33. BASIC · Wind speed sensor

  34. REED · wind speed sensor

  35. ARCO SDI-12 · Wind sensor is optimised for low current consumption

  36. ARCO-SERIAL · Wind sensor is a robust combined sensor

  37. ARCO-NAV · Wind sensor

  38. ARCO-Modbus · Wind sensor is a robust combined sensor

  39. WENTO-MET · Combined wind sensor for extreme weather conditions

  40. WENTO-IND · Combined weather sensor

  41. 24513 · Combined naval wind sensor