BARANI DESIGN Technologies sensors at ELECRAMA 2018 EXPO

M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. of Kolkata, India, presented the latest meteorological sensor innovations from BARANI DESIGN at this years ELECRAMA 2018 EXPO. M. B. Control & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an official distributor of innovative technologies like the helical solar radiation shield which offers an unprecedented combination of accuracy and sensor protection for air temperature measurement. These advantages are especially relevant for PV solar power weather monitoring systems (WMS) where small temperature fluctuations cause significant changes in power output and error from air temperature measurement can cause financial losses in the highly volatile energy markets. Higher accuracy and preciseness of meteorological data leads to more accurate forecasting of electricity production, thus preventing brown-outs and other unwanted situations. It also permits better scheduling of PV plant maintenance to minimize downtime and help maintain electrical grid stability.

Other technologies presented include the ultra-low power digital RS-485 MeteoTemp sensor for air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure measurement which in combination with the helical MeteoShield Professional has been shown to produce the lowest air temperature uncertainties in environments with strong sunlight and heated ground as found in many arid climates which are ideal for PV solar power production.

Alongside the MeteoShield and MeteoTemp, other notable sensors presented are the superbly accurate 1st Class wind sensor MeteoWind 2 which meets strict MEASNET accuracy requirements and the MeteoRain SEB200 low maintenance rain gauge.

Heart of a WMS system from BARANI DESIGN is the EasyLogGSM meteorological data logger with a SCADA MODBUS interface and plug and play operation with BARANI DESIGN sensors.

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