Can the MeteoWind Compact turn the professional Wind Energy sensor market on its head?

MeteoWind Compact anemometer meets measnet quality of measurement affordably.

MeteoWind Compact anemometer meets measnet quality of measurement affordably.

With the launch of its latest iteration of the elliptic cup anemometer, the MeteoWind Compact, BARANI DESIGN Technologies is poised to make another dent in the wind energy sensor market as dominated by Thies Clima, NRG, and Vector Instruments.

MeteoWind Compact shares the proven robust cup design of its big brother MeteoWind 2, thereby simplifying field service. It is the elliptic cup design which ensures MEASNET linearity [2] (Sample MEASNET calibration report) and enables MeteoWind anemometers to excel not only in precision wind measurement for wind resource assessment but to also offer superb snow shedding for winter operation. A heated version of MeteoWind Compact is also available.

  • As a direct replacement for NRG anemometers, the MeteoWind Compact offers higher precision, requires less hardware to install since it offers wind speed and wind direction measurement in one compact device and is available at a better price point.

  • As an alternative to ultrasonic anemometers, MeteoWind Compact offers higher precision and data reliability in bad weather and in winter. It is also bird damage resistant which is a major cause of ultrasonic anemometer failure. Every year, up to 30% of ultrasonic anemometers are damaged by birds biting out their sound producing ultrasonic transducers. [1]

  • Compared to Thies 1st Class and Vector Instruments anemometers, it offers comparable if not better Class 1 precision and accuracy despite not yet having the MEASNET/IEC 61400-12-1:2017 EDITION 2.0 certification. Additionally, it also offers combined wind speed and wind direction measurement in one device, thereby simplifying installation.

For meteorological applications, MeteoWind Compact offers significantly greater accuracy as required by the WMO and NWS [3], thereby making the anemometers maintenance free for many years after installation.


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