MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather station now available on The Things Network

MeteoHelix IoT Pro - LoRa during a sunset

MeteoHelix IoT Pro - LoRa during a sunset

Barani Design has been listed on The Things Network as a certified partner with its MeteoHelix IoT Pro industrial micro-weather station with LoRa wireless connectivity. Available at a price point of 499 eur, this weather station is an attractive proposition for intalling in areas requiring World Meteorological Organization (WMO) precision and data quality, yet with high risk of theft and vandalism. 

Barani Design has addressed the concerns of not only agricultural customers but also of meteorological organizations which require installation of professional weather stations in remote areas in every part of the world including Africa, South America, China, India and Russia where security of expensive professional hardware is of major concern. "At this price point, theft and vandalism of weather stations is no longer a concern for professional customers" from the words of Mr. Toth of Barani Design.

While previously, a wireless weather station of similar data quality was available for over 2000 eur, the MeteoHelix IoT Pro enables four times the data density at the same cost. This means that even with vandalism of 50% of the deployed MeteoHelix network, a Meteorological organization will still retain twice the amount of measurement points than was previously possible at the same price point and data quality.

Link to MeteoHelix on The Things Network: