Hand-held MeteoWind - the most precise hand held anemometer on the market to date.


Hand-held anemometer during a storm chase.

Hand-held MeteoWind has been designed to fill the need of our customers for a robust and mainly precise anemometer for on-site wind speed measurement. Designed for construction workers, storm chasers, crop dusters, farm sprayers and HVAC applications, it features very low starting speeds of <0.3 m/s (<1 ft/s) and offers a Bluetooth interface and a sealed USB charging port. Anodized aluminum body makes it durable and chemical resistant.

For more information, please contact BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o. or COMPTUS Inc. of USA for hand held anemometer availability.

New products to watch out for at the Meteorological World Expo 2019 and WMO Congress in Geneva, Switzerland

BARANI DESIGN new product show case at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019 & WMO Congress will include:

  • MeteoHelix® IoT Pro

    • micro-weather stations to WMO specifications

    • solar powered and wireless all-in-one weather station with 4+ months of operation without sun

    • meet WMO requirements for less than 500 EUR

    • upgraded with the new MeteoShield Professional update (as described below)

    • available in Sigfox and LoRaWAN wireless versions

  • ezMETAR weather monitoring system for airports and heliports

    • approved sensors for Civil Aviation Use

    • robust and field proven hardware including sensors and data logger

    • triple level lightning protection

    • automatic METAR and SPECI report generation

    • solar powered wireless operation to minimize earth-works on airports.

  • MeteoShield® Professional

    • update based on 3 years of WMO testing and evaluation

    • robustness improvements

    • detailed improvements of the inner geometry to better optimize radiation reflection and absorption control for windless days

    • material improvements

    • improved airflow management for low-wind conditions

    • simplified field installation requirements for sensor and shield.

  • MeteoWind Compact

    • compact anemometer and wind direction vane with the advanced elliptic cup design of its big brother Class 1 anemometer MeteoWind 2

    • digital reed switch wind speed output with 2 pulses per revolution for universality

    • continuous 0 to 2.5 V wind direction output without a dead-spot with 1 degree resolution and better than 5 degree accuracy

    • all-metal construction of anodized aluminum with stainless steel ball bearings for corrosion resistance in marine environments and road weather stations

    • field replaceable anemometer cups as shown here: http://bit.ly/2VYWGpV

  • MeteoWind hand-held anemometer

    • precision hand-held wind speed meter with an LCD display.

    • uses the same precision elliptical cups as MeteoWind 2 and MeteoWind Compact for unsurpassed accuracy for a hand held anemometer

    • rugged anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel ball bearings for toughness and corrosion resistance in marine environments

    • field replaceable anemometer cups as shown here: http://bit.ly/2VYWGpV

  • EasyLogLTE data logger

    • upgraded EasyLogGSM data logger to LTE/3G/2G/GPRS/GSM world wide modem.

    • tested for connectivity in Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, China, Middle East, India, Asia and South Asia.

    • reliable operation verified with over 10 years of use.

    • new features include MODBUS RTU live data output for Photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant WMS stations

  • IoT Meteorological Solutions:

    • MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro-weather station (meets WMO standards of accuracy) with international LoRaWAN and Sigfox wireless connectivity (NB-IoT coming soon)

    • MeteoWind IoT wind speed and direction sensor (meets WMO standards of accuracy) with international LoRaWAN and Sigfox wireless connectivity (NB-IoT coming soon)

  • IoT wireless LoRaWAN gateways:

    Additional new products from the new strategic partnership between BARANI DESIGN Technologies and COMPTUS Inc. from the United States of America includes:

  • A75-101 Reed Switch Anemometer by COMPTUS Inc

  • A75-104 Sine-Wave Anemometer by COMPTUS Inc

  • A75-302 Potentiometer Wind Vane by COMPTUS

BARANI®, MeteoHelix®, MeteoShield®, allMETEO® are registered trademarks of Jan Barani and with permission used by BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o.

Birds’ fight against ultrasonic wind sensors

Bird sitting on an ultrasonic anemometer. [1]

Bird sitting on an ultrasonic anemometer. [1]

Ultrasound and wildlife reserves

Ultrasonic anemometers seemed like the solution for maintenance-free wind measurement, yet nature had its say. Their ultrasound, while being inaudible to humans, is disturbing enough to natural wild life so that each year, birds destroy about 1/3 of all ultrasonic sensors by biting out their ultrasonic transducers as reported by the German Met Office. [1] This leads to the question of whether ultrasonic sensors are environmentally friendly and whether they should be allowed in wildlife reserves and national parks or if their application should be limited to industrial use?

Bird damage to an ultrasonic anemometer transducer. [1]

Bird damage to an ultrasonic anemometer transducer. [1]

Cup anemometer renaissance

New advances in electronics and manufacturing are enabling mechanical cup anemometers to not only outlast their ultrasonic counterparts but to maintain their accuracy advantage and to remain the mainstay of meteorological measurement and of the precision wind energy industry.


[1] Examination of different versions of bird repelling techniques for ultrasonic anemometers by K. Schubotz, H. Dörschel, Dr. E. Lanzinger, M. Theel of the German Meteorological Service.