Has Rainwise resorted to false claims instead of innovation in the IoT personal weather station market?

MeteoHelix may be the first true IoT weather station

MeteoHelix may be the first true IoT weather station

It’s a sad day when past innovators resort to false claims instead of innovation. Five months after Rainwise contacted BARANI DESIGN Technologies about the MeteoHelix® IoT Pro personal weather station, did Rainwise make a claim to be the 1st IoT weather station on the market.

The MeteoHelix IoT Pro personal weather station begun sampling to customers in the spring of 2018 as a year long testing campaign begun. Almost a year later, Rainwise begun announcing “the world’s first compact, solar powered, commercial grade, true IoT MK4 Weather Station.” with pre-orders of 6000 plus units. A few months later announcements that the not yet released MK4 “IoT weather station has already secured purchase commitments of over 7,000 units in 2019 without the product being officially released” are being claimed on the https://www.iottechexpo.com website in the Rainwise company description.

USA is known for innovations

USA is known for innovation and the MeteoHelix® is proof of that. While we believe that no one can claim to have the first IoT weather station, the MeteoHelix IoT Pro brings a number of firsts to the market. Its ability to measure at World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and National Weather Service (NWS) precision standards for under $600 is unprecedented in the professional meteorological world and the personal weather station marketplace.

Proof of its pedigree can be found in WMO research papers like the RMI comparisons where its innovative helical shape proved to surpass the precision of professional meteorological networks monitoring climate change. Neither Davis nor Rainwise weather stations can claim to provide the professional meteorological data quality of the MeteoHelix even with their fan-aspirated counterparts.

While the MeteoHelix® is currently manufactured in Slovakia, its roots and inventor are “Made in USA.” RPI educated and groomed at Boeing, the MeteoHelix’s roots share this pedigree. Plans are in the works to bring the MeteoHelix personal weather station production back to the US. A self-cleaning rain gauge is also in the works. Please stay tuned and enjoy the view.


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Personal Weather Station Reinvented: Will the MeteoHelix revolutionize the personal weather station market?

MeteoHelix reinvented the personal weather station.

MeteoHelix reinvented the personal weather station.

Ever since 1974 RainWise Inc. has been at the forefront of innovation in the personal weather station business. Others like Davis, AcuRite, La Crosse, Oregon Scientific and Netatmo followed suit with Davis carving out the largest share of the premium middle market where data collected by the weather station was somewhat usable, even by meteorological services. Despite the fact that each personal weather station came with its own set of innovations and looks, they all lacked the accuracy and long-term data stability to make it in the professional meteorological world.

Personal weather station reinvented

In 2018, we shrunk a professional solar powered weather station (AWOS) costing over $3000 into a compact personal micro-weather station using new IoT wireless technologies and sensors. Its patented helical design taken directly from the field proven MeteoShield® Professional allows this personal weather station to meet WMO measurement quality standards in all weather conditions unlike any of its aforementioned competitors. The MeteoHelix® personal weather station is available worldwide.