MeteoShield becomes part of an Award-nominated Precision Agriculture Solution by 30MHz HQ

MeteoSHield Professional in testing as part of 30MHz HQ Precision Agro sensor solution

MeteoSHield Professional in testing as part of 30MHz HQ Precision Agro sensor solution

BARANI DESIGN Helical MeteoShield Professional has become an integral part of an award-nominated Precision Agriculture microclimate monitoring sensor solution for 30MHz HQ, a Netherland based precision agriculture company with worldwide reach. 30MHz HQ will exhibit at stand 08.429 at the GreenTech Expo & Horticultures ForeFront in RAI Amsterdam, Holland.

After initial testing and evaluation of the performance of the patented helical radiation shield design by BARANI DESIGN Technologies, a Slovakia based company with roots in the USA, 30MHz HQ has made it an integral part for their precision agriculture sensor solution. The patented helical radiation shield design enables internally mounted sensors to achieve accuracy superior to the best currently available ventilated sensor boxes at a fraction of the cost. The helical technology was featured in Meteorological Technology News and in greenhouse applications, it has shown temperature readings lower by multiple degrees Celsius in the sun as compared to the current state of the art.

This level of air temperature accuracy improvement enables significantly better climate control of greenhouses and accurate prediction of important plant growth parameters.

For more information visit the GreenTech EXPO on June 12-14 in Amsterdam, Holland or contact the companies below: 


GreenTech EXPO & Horticultures ForeFront 
Location: RAI Amsterdam, Holland.
Dates: 12 - 13 - 14 June 2018
Booth: 08.429

30MHz HQ
Moezelhavenweg 9
1043AM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 6 14551362

BARANI DESIGN Technologies s.r.o.
Klincova 35
82108 Bratislava
Phone: +421 (0) 948 067 125

MeteoShield Professional wins Silver and People's Choice at the Creativepool Annual 2018 design awards

Creativepool 2018 design award peoples_choice_badge.png
Creativepool 2018 design award flag_silver.png

Precision can be beautiful. MeteoShield Professional, a breakthrough in near-surface atmospheric air temperature measurement seems to also be turning heads. The one-of-a-kind patented helical design of a solar shield for weather station temperature sensors won silver and people's choice award in the product / industrial category at the Creativepool Annual 2018 design awards. This year, the Annual saw over 2,000 entries and over 20,000 votes cast for people’s choice award.

MeteoShield Professional is able to deliver temperature accuracies better than many fan-ventilated radiation shields without the need for a fan. Offering an unsurpassed combination of accuracy and reliability makes it ideally suitable for automatic weather observation systems (AWOS) and automatic weather stations (AWS). "It is the most affordable solution for accurate atmospheric air temperature measurement" in the words of designer and BARANI DESIGN Technologies founder & CTO, Jan Barani.

Based on this helical design, MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro-weather station was also awarded the silver prize as part of SURVIA's Grand Prize winning precision agriculture solution at TECHAGRO 2018