Africa and the Internet of Things Revolution

Many meteorological networks in Africa are not recording accurate data. However, accuracy can be improved and maintenance costs reduced with the application of new IoT technologies. This can lead to positive impacts on agricultural output and disaster prevention.

Find out more in “Join the IoT Revolution” article on page 43 of the Hydromet AFRICA ExpoGuide as published by Varysian.

Read practical know-how based on the 10+ years of experience in the meteorological industry of Jan Barani, who is the designer of the MeteoHelix IoT Pro micro-weather stations.

Find out what is the ideal IoT weather station for a meteorological network

  • Would an ideal low-cost WMO-compliant weather station look like the MeteoHelix?

  • Can network service and maintenance be optimized with measurement traceability in mind?

Find out what is a vandalism-tolerant meteorological network

  • Is a high-density meteorological network based on affordable micro weather stations inherently vandalism-proof.

  • How does higher data density affect vandalism tolerance?

  • Can redundancy be affordably created using IoT technologies while increasing network reliability.

  • Does a micro weather station designed to prevent data access to thieves and with minimal resale or recyclable material value already exist?

“ Join the IoT Revolution ” article taken from the  Hydromet AFRICA ExpoGuide  as published by  Varysian .

Join the IoT Revolution” article taken from the Hydromet AFRICA ExpoGuide as published by Varysian.

Varysian | Developing awareness of new meteorological technologies in Africa

Ministers and hydrometeorological service directors from all 54 African nations attended the Hydromet Africa 2019 exhibition in Cairo this week.

Hosted by Varysian in association with the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, Hydromet Africa was the largest international trade show of its kind for the hydromet industry in the region.

The event ran from 18-22 February alongside the annual AMCOMET, RA-1 DG quadrennial and WMO RA-1 RECO meetings, giving 28 exhibitors from around the world the chance to meet directly with 185 key decision-makers in a closed environment.

Tom Copping, Managing Director of Varysian, said: “Public-private partnerships play a central and increasingly important role in building hydromet capacity in the developing world.

“Events like this give solution providers and met service directors a unique opportunity to meet and learn from each other with the shared goal of implementing cost-effective solutions to protect lives, businesses and communities.”

Read more in the Hydromet AFRICA ExpoGuide as published by Varysian.

Website weather widget for MeteoHelix weather stations

A weather widget for your website is now available for the MeteoHelix IoT Pro home weather stations. Now hotels, golf courses and businesses which rely on weather can easily display live weather conditions on their websites.

Just copy and paste the below code snippet to embed this current conditions weather widget onto your website. It features live streaming weather data directly from your MeteoHelix weather station.


<div style="width: 250px; height:300px; border: 1px solid black;">
    <div id="allm1243214" class="allmeteo-widget" data-ws="0311018"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Remember to change the data-ws=”0311018” in the second line of the above HTML code to the serial number of your weather station and register your MeteoHelix weather station on to enable live streaming weather data.

More information on the only home weather station able to meet the stringent WMO measurement guidelines for reliable long-term measurement click here: