Evaluation of MeteoWind sensors to compared to NRG and Thies 1st Class anemometer and wind vane?

QUESTION: Can we evaluate the MeteoWind sensors to compare them to Thies 1st Class anemometers and wind vanes and NRG sensors?

ANSWER: Evaluations of MeteoWind anemometers can be provided free of charge as long as BARANI DESIGN receives documentation and complete reports of the evaluation including installation pictures. After the evaluation period expires, if a first order is placed, the customer may keep the evaluation hardware free of charge or if an order is not placed, purchase the hardware at a 50% discount if the hardware is not returned at the end of the evaluation period.

Click here for a detailed MeteoWind 2 anemometer datasheet with a MEASNET certificate.

UPDATE: August 11, 2019

MeteoWind 2 has begun certification testing at WindGuard wind tunnel for wind resource assessment. Read more here: