Time synchronization setup of the MeteoHelix Sigfox weather station

QUESTION: Is remote time synchronization possible with the Sigfox MeteoHelix weather stations so that they can send data in 10 minute intervals on the hour?

ANSWER: MeteoHelix weather stations provide the ability to change settings and time synchronization remotely via a Sigfox down link connection. The below instructions and screenshots will guide you through the simple setup process.

LoRaWAN & Sigfox remote time synch icon.png

Time Synch setup for Sigfox

Login to your Sigfox backend: backend.sigfox.com

  1. Click on Device Type in the horizontal menu.

  2. Navigate to the List in the left menu under Device Type: backend.sigfox.com/devicetype/list

  3. Under the Name column, select a device type as shown in the pictures.

  4. The left menu will change and select the menu item called Information.

  5. In the upper right click the Edit button as shown in the pictures.

  6. Next screen finally display the Downlink Data setup section where you will need to configure the following:

    1. For Downlink mode, select Direct.

    2. For Downlink data in hexa, enter the this text: 01{time}000000

  7. Click OK at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

How does the MeteoHelix automatically handle time synchronization?

Details on how the time synchronization command works to update the current time inside the MeteoHelix can be found in this FAQ thread:

1. Select your device type in the name column

2. click edit in the upper right of the device type information

3. Enter the downlink time data format in the downlink section

MeteoHelix IoT Pro Sigfox agricultural weather station

MeteoHelix IoT Pro Sigfox agricultural weather station