Why is the MeteoHelix weather station unique for Smart-City applications

QUESTION: How can you claim that the MeteoHelix is more accurate in a city than other weather stations like Davis, Meter Atmos or Rainwise?

ANSWER: Urban weather station installations have their unique set of challenges. Their accuracy is limited by their surroundings since many installations are close to building walls and paved surfaces which accumulate and radiate heat to cause unacceptable air temperature and humidity measurement errors.

Today’s weather stations use multi-plate solar radiation shields and fan-ventilated shelters to protect their sensors from adverse effects of heating caused by the sun. Much like the heating that occurs in your car on a sunny day. However, these multi-plate shields and fan ventilated shelters do a poor job of protecting sensors from reflected sunlight and from heat radiating from the ground or nearby walls. That’s where the helical solar shield shines and is the main reason why the MeteoHelix IoT Pro weather stations are able to measure air temperature so precisely in urban environments. The spiral design offers 360 degrees of protection to the sensors from any direct light or infrared heat while providing excellent ventilation and unobstructed airflow to the sensors.

The patented design of the helical MeteoShield Professional is the technological bases that allows the MeteoHelix weathers stations to shine above their competition in terms of accuracy and long-term precision of atmospheric measurement in urban installations.