What service is required for MeteoTemp meteorological sensors?

QUESTION: How often does MeteoTemp sensor require recalibration and what is required to service a MeteoTemp sensor in the field?

ANSWER: MeteoTemp sensors, just like all precision temperature humidity probes, require yearly inspection to determine the level of contamination from their environment.

MeteoTemp RH+T & RH+T+PRESSURE Service Instructions

Service interval

MeteoTemp meteorological sensor probe

MeteoTemp meteorological sensor probe

It is recommended that a regular yearly service interval be observed for all temperature and humidity and pressure sensors. Temperature sensors are usually the most stable of the three, while the humidity sensor is most affected by the cleanliness of its environment and the pressure sensor by temperature fluctuations and temperature extremes.

BARANI DESIGN Technologies sensors use a PTFE (Teflon) filter cap with 8 μm average pore size to maximize humidity sensor protection from contamination in all environments.

Determining sensor service intervals

Since service interval is dependent on the environment, we recommend using the following systematic approach to determine the service interval.

  1. After field application of any new sensor type or installation in a new environment, a regular yearly service/recalibration interval should be observed to determine sensor stability in the given environment.

  2. If sensor stability is determined to exceed the initial yearly service/recalibration interval, the service interval can be extended based on sound judgment.

  3. If sensor measurement uncertainty does not meet the required standards after the initial yearly service/recalibration interval, the service interval needs to be shortened to permit timely sensor recalibration or replacement.

Calibration verification service

BARANI DESIGN Technologies offers an affordable sensor calibration verification service to permit verification whether a sensor still meets its initial specifications and factory calibration. Sensor calibration verification is used to determine whether a sensor needs to undergo full calibration or needs replacement. It is performed for batches of up to 10 sensors which makes the service affordable.

If additional guidance is required, please email BARANI DESIGN Technologies or your nearest certified service center.

MeteoTemp temperature, humidity and pressure sensor for meteorology.

MeteoTemp temperature, humidity and pressure sensor for meteorology.

Determining filter cap service interval

The white PTFE filter cap may require replacement at shorter time intervals than the sensor service interval since dirt accumulation on the filter cap can attract moisture and offset humidity and temperature measurements. This is due to evaporative cooling or freezing of accumulated moisture around hydrophilic dirt particles trapped on the surface or in the pores of the filter cap. To minimize the effects of dirt, we highly recommend the use of a double louver solar radiation shield or the preferred helical MeteoShield® Professional.

Filter cap removal instructions

Filter cap can be simply unscrewed from the MeteoTemp sensor probe. When replacing a filter cap, do not touch it with your bare hands or dirty gloves so as not to deposit oils or dirt on its surface. Soiling the filter cap during assembly will shorten its replacement interval and may offset all future measurements.