How to Replace the Cups on a MeteoWind 2 Anemometer

MeteoWind anemometer cup replacement video. Applies to MeteoWind 1, MeteoWind 2, and MeteoWind Compact anemometers and wind vanes from BARANI DESIGN Technologies

QUESTION: How can I replace a broken cup on a MeteoWind anemometer?

ANSWER: MeteoWind anemometers use a special FRP material for the anemometer cups which has been tested down to -60 °C for impact absorption from flying debris. Instructions on how to replace an anemometer’s cups can be downloaded in the following PDF: MeteoWind Service Manual

The following instructional video and animation show how the anemometer rotor head and cups are assembled and held together to make easy field repair possible with just a single 8 mm socket head hex wrench. Only 2 Nm of torque is required to tighten the nut holding the cups.

Animation of how to easily change the cups of a MeteoWind 2 anemometer and wind vane.

Note: The rotor head is made of an aluminum alloy, hence maximum torque limits must be respected to avoid stripping the threads.

Determining anemometer service interval

How to determine anemometer service intervals, please follow the instructions at this link: How to determine if an anemometer needs servicing?