What cable lengths are available for MeteoWind anemometers and wind vanes?

QUESTION: How long a cable length can MeteoWind sensor have since meteo-tower and meteo-mast required cable lengths differ based on tower heights (i.e. 40m, 50m, 60m, 100m, etc.)

ANSWER: MeteoWind 2 has a IP67 connector, therefore, cable length can be chosen per customer requirement. Whats more, MeteoWind 2 has the highest lightning protection currently available consisting of:

  • over voltage protection

  • high-speed over-current protection

  • high-speed voltage protection

MeteoWind Lightning Protection meets the following international standards for industrial equipment safety:

  • EMC Emissions according to EN50081-1 / IEC61000-6-1

  • EMI Transients according to EN50081-1 / IEC61000-6-2

  • SURGE test 4 kV / 2 kA acc.to EN50082-2 / IEC61000-6-2

  • ESD 15000 V (15 kV)

  • Link to lightning protection test report: Lightning Protection Certification (EMC test results)

The use of 3-stage lightning protection is complemented by the RS-485 digital output which has inherently high resistance to interference and is therefore the most widely used communication interface in tough industrial environments. Together, they are able to ground out any unwanted electrical interference from wired connections.

Click here for a detailed MeteoWind 2 anemometer datasheet with a MEASNET certificate.